Simplify, secure, and save by migrating to the cloud

  1. Dump those antiquated servers in your closet
  2. Cancel your network maintenance contract
  3. Permanently block hijackers and avoid viruses
  4. Login from any device or location with internet access
  5. Set up new workstations in minutes instead of hours

By moving to the cloud through the use of James Workspaces, you will:

Spend Less

Save Time

Stop Worrying

Law firms are migrating to the cloud in large numbers for 6 reasons:


Using a private cloud almost always costs less than maintaining a private network.


Your own network will never have the uptime that a cloud provider like Amazon can provide.


In the cloud it is much faster and easier to lock out departing team members and add new users and workstations.


A cloud provider like Amazon has far more sophisticated security practices in place than your private servers ever will.


Your software, documents, and email are available from any device and location having internet. No clunky login software is needed.


Your desktop screen looks the same in the cloud; you have the same shortcuts and icons as before, and no training is needed.

We serve only law firms.

By focusing on the profession we have been helping for the last 35 years, we have established a deep expertise in law firms’ technology needs and what works best in their offices.We streamline, simplify, and lower the cost of lawyers’ technology two ways:

Cloud Services

We provide a private cloud solution for law firms called James Workspaces that will host your entire law firm – all your applications, documents, and email. Your desktop screen appears exactly the same as before, but now your data is accessible everywhere using any device you choose.Everything is ultra-securely stored on Amazon’s servers. It is the largest provider of cloud services in the world. And your workspaces and data are segregated from other clients hosted by Amazon, which ensures compliance and security.

Tech Support

Our tech support solution for law offices delivers complete care:

Our 24/7 IT support is included when we migrate your firm to the cloud, but can also be obtained without a cloud migration.

Extras Included at No Charge

When you become a James technology client, we provide 3 free extras:

Strategic technology consulting.

We share our knowledge of what is working at innovative law firms to:

Firm resources.

Any of the practical and forms-heavy law books in your specialty from our 90-title bookstore are available to you as e-readers.And you may use selected pieces in our large collection of specialty-specific educational content for prospects. You can easily brand them with your name, biography, and photo.

Marketing advice.

We know what has proven effective in generating quality leads and converting them to clients. We will explain the technology that can help you:

To learn more, make an appointment or call president Travis Hise at 714-918- 1848 desk or 714-369-7356 cell. No sales pressure – we will simply provide information about our technology services and answers to your questions.

Review my technology and detail my savings

Affordable Pricing

Our price for tech support is $150 per user per month. It includes:

Cloud migrations cost $1,000 – $3,000, depending upon the number of users and programs. We transfer everything – applications, documents, and email. Since we only migrate law firms, we have special expertise in handling legal software.To learn more, make an appointment or call president Travis Hise at 714-918-1848 desk or 714-369-7356 cell. No sales pressure – we will simply provide information about our technology services and answers to your questions.

Review my technology and detail my savings

Common Questions About Using the Cloud

The owners of law firms we have migrated to the cloud have been delighted with the simplicity of use, peace of mind, and cost reduction.
But every law firm has questions before they make the leap. After all, they have been using a server network and a network maintenance firm for many years. Here are the most common questions we are asked:

What if I have questions about using software, or I simply need help with a minor technical issue? Who will I contact?

A: As you did with the network maintenance vendor you will now be free to cancel, simply call our 800 number, send an email, or submit a ticket. Assistance from experienced law firm tech specialists is available 24/7, and they will respond to 90% of your requests within 60 minutes.  More >>

How secure is my data in the cloud?

A: Your data is protected and stored by Amazon Web Services, the largest provider of cloud storage services in the world. 

What if I decide to relocate my data? Am I locked in?

A: Our service runs month-to-month. Depart anytime without obligation.

How long does the migration take?

A: Usually everything is moved over in one evening.

Do we have to learn anything new?

A: No. Your desktop appears and works exactly as before the migration – same icons, same shortcuts, same programs.

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